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Gary Miraz Gary Miraz (Gary) Miraz Has been involved in the music industry since 1991 when he began working with ex- German Pop star Suzanne Doucet doing Graphic Design for her PR firm ONAM Inc. till 2002. He is a graduate of Otis Parsons School of Art and Design and has been an illustrative artist prior to his musical career. In 2001 he did his First musical release, Resonance with Suzanne. Since then he has released three releases two with San Jose/Bay Digeridoo player Paradiso and one release with wife Sara. He has worked with Peter Ludwig of Tonehenge's Fame and German Cellist Andrea Bauer. He has been involved with music/computer technology since he aquired his first synthesizer in 1983. He resides in Los Angeles and splits his time with Berlin,Germany and San Francicso,California.
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Danny Perez's mind-bending, underground tinged film "Antibirth". has been racking up the notices from all the big festivals and garnering rave reviews from the critics and audiences. Consisting of a stellar star cast led by Natasha Lyonne (Orange is the New Black), Chole Sevigny (The Brown Bunny) and, after a ... Full story

The Oregonian A woman, leaves the farm and enters the unknown.

Writer/Director Calvin Reeder is known for his bent films such as 2006's 'Little Farm' and the dark comedy of 2005, 'Jerk Beast'. His newest work 'The Oregonian' is one of those few movies that allows the audiences to come to ... Full story

LALO: A big guy on a pink bike with a mission

Imagine the pressure of being an illegal alien with a crappy job and countless other hurdles to overcome. Welcome to the life of Lalo, a New York City Mexican delivery worker who must prove to himself that he can overcome ... Full story

Junkie Nurse

“Junkie Nurse” (aka “Boppin’ at the Glue Factory”) directed by Jeff Orgill is a hilarious satire which incorporates a variety of likeable characters spearheaded by the very talented Henry Dittman and Conrad Roberts. Ditman plays Eric Labudde, an addicted ... Full story

Ronen Landa's "Picturebooks"

When I first received a copy of composer Ronen Landa’s “Picturebooks”, I knew I was in for an astounding auditory journey. The packaging perfectly states what you are in for; the mysterious photo of a film reel showing a seascape ... Full story


Three women is a production directed by Manijeh Hekmat (Director of  Women Prison) starring Iranian actress Niki Karimi (Minou-the mother), Pegah Ahangarani (Pegah-The daughter) and Maryam Boubani (The grandmother) as three generations of women linked not only by blood but ... Full story

NILOOFAR, a first look

Taking place on the once war torn borders of Iraq and Iran the film tells the story of Niloofar (Mobina Aynehdar), a twelve year old girl who has high ambitions to learn how to read and write and become a ... Full story

A few notes for your thoughts? An industry artist shares his life

From time to time Cinema Without Borders has dealt with the music side of the film industry. Composer and visual artist Gary Miraz regularly contributes articles, which deal not only with his wealth of knowledge on film matters but with ... Full story

Aerial (La Antena), a film by Esteban Sapir

After first few minutes of “La Antena” revealed itself, I didn’t know what to say. I only knew that I was in for a ride through an all too familiar surreal version of our own world. “La Antena” is an ... Full story

SEARCHERS 2.0 directed by Alex Cox

“Searchers 2.0” is Alex Cox’ first theatrical feature since 2002’s wild “Revenger’s Tragedy” and he definitely continues his eccentric style of work (as seen in Repo Man, Sid and Nancy, Straight to Hell, and Walkers). This film is an offbeat ... Full story

Film Review, Danièle Thompson’s brilliant and lively "Avenue Montaigne"

Danièle Thompson’s “Avenue Montaigne” is her third directorial outing (preceded by La Bûche and Jet Lag/Décolage horaire) and is a breath of fresh air in a market of CGI studded films and empty romantic sex comedies. It tells the tale ... Full story

Under the Ice

“The truth will set you free and drive you madder.” <br>Imagine your young child being involved with the death of a playmate. An innocent game that went awry. That is what UNDER THE ICE (Unter dem eis) touches upon.<br>A solemn ... Full story

Review: Man of the Year

You will wish he was running for president or What happened in there?Barry Levison’s “Man of the Year” is a fragmented Political/Comedy/Romantic/Thriller that may leave audiences either confused or cheering – or in my, case both. The film stars Robin ... Full story

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