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NVIDIA has the answer!

In the last few months, we’ve been receiving emails and telephone calls from independent filmmakers and students of filmmaking about affordable graphics cards for the systems they use for digital film editing. Most of these newcomers to the world of filmmaking had been using HD consumer camcorders, such as Cannon ... Full story

Now I can edit my films in peace!

I am a film editor by trade; for years I had been using the traditional ways of editing film and working for most of my life in Europe. I loved those Steenbeck editing tables and I long for the touch ... Full story

Mobile Workstations & film editing, an interview with Chris Convertito

Independent and international filmmakers are in a constant search for the most powerful and affordable mobile workstations for film editing. To find desirable solutions ever-so-important matter, we interviewed Chris Convertito, the Worldwide Category Manager for mobile workstations at Hewlett Packard’s ... Full story

Editing in High Definition, an interview with Mike Diehl

This is our first article in a series of interviews and reviews focusing on Digital Film Editing. Cinema Without Borders proudly starts this series by interviewing Mike Diehl, an expert on hardware from Hewlett-Packard.Mike Diehl is a product manager for ... Full story

Let's have a "Crazy Talk!"

John C. Martin II, VP of Product Marketing, leads Reallusion's award-winning CrazyTalk and iClone Studio. A founding member of Reallusion USA, John represents Reallusion's brands and the continued development of evermore accessible filmmaking technology. John's role as spokesperson for Reallusion ... Full story

Toon Boom Animate Pro can cover the entire needs of a production efficiently

I have used many digital animation packages in the past and Toon Boom Animate Pro downloaded and installed easily. Upon opening Toon Boom Animate Pro, I was struck with a very robust and complex interface. This is a serious professional ... Full story

GigaTribe, a world to share!

Stephane Herry, CEO of GigaTribe, enjoys working in various environments in different professions. He started working as an IT consultant helping big companies organize their business software architecture. He then joined the video game industry as a project ... Full story

Siggraph 2009, network your senses

The motto of this year's 36th Siggraph in New Orleans was NETWORK YOUR SENSES.And for a newbie like myself, it indeed was a feast for the senses – with lots of inspiring talks, lecture-demonstrations, stimulating art shows, and intriguing new ... Full story

Rob Holmes talks about VUDU

Rob Holmes is currently Director of Content Acquisition of VUDU, a provider of video on-demand and other internet-delivered content directly to the television, where he heads new content acquisition for both the company’s video on-demand platform and VUDU Labs, the company’s rich media applications ... Full story

Watch out! A mouse called Go Nano is in your notebook!

Almost one out of the ten times I manage to bang my laptop onto a desk or a wall (don’t call me clumsy, you do it, too), I lose a USB wireless mouse receiver that extends out from the side ... Full story

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