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Xara, inovations in image editing and web design

XARA is an innovative developer of image editing and web design solutions. To learn more about Xara products we spoke to Charles Moir.Charles, founder of Xara in 1981 was responsible for creating the early successful products such as Wordwise one of the earliest and most popular word processors for Microcomputers.His ... Full story

Sony SLT A58, an ideal entry level camera for students of filmmaking

CWB has been on an epic search to find the best DSLR for shooting video. We are aware that many of our readers are documentary filmmakers—trailblazers often looking for new styles of filmmaking—and they require the ability to move their ... Full story

2013 Cinegear and Radiant Images

The Paramount Studios played host the 17th Cine Gear Expo over the weekend, and filmmakers of every aspect of production gathered to tour the latest innovations in cinema technology, as well as notable pieces of equipment from recent films, such ... Full story

Avid Media Composer 6.5, the best tool for pro editors

A few days ago a young student of filmmaking called our office and inquired about what program he should master to make a living editing films.  He had been told by his professors that Final Cut Pro is the way ... Full story

Acer’s Aspire S7 for Cinephiles & Filmmakers

When it comes to reviewing a product, I have an incurable complex: I cannot stop myself from reading all the negative reviews about it first. I had promised myself to put an end to this addiction, but when I was ... Full story

Mark Weir talks about SLT technology and Sony SLT A58

Sony’s New SLT Camera, A-58, will appear in major electronic stores early next week. To learn more about SLT cameras and specifically A-58 and how it could help the filmmakers, we interviewed Mark Weir, Senior Manager of Technology for Sony ... Full story

I Edited a film in LA traffic, thanks to Verizon MIFI & Acer Aspire S7

Two times a week, when I go from Santa Monica (where I teach), to the CWB office in Burbank, I have to face the notorious LA traffic—sometimes taking hours to complete the 20 mile trip. It was just a few ... Full story

Avid Media Composer 6.5, a traditional editor's dream coming true

As a traditional film editor, I have constantly been searching for tools that simulate old-school methods. One of the programs that is being heavily used in current Film and TV editing is Avid Media Composer. Independent and international filmmakers has ... Full story

Acer Aspire S7, sexiest Ultrabook ever...

To learn about the new Acer Aspire Ultrabooks we had an interview with Eric Ackerson, Acer America’s senior product marketing and brand manager. Ackerson manages Acer’s mobile product marketing programs and helps the company realize strategic opportunities to develop and ... Full story

John Martin talks about CrazyTalk 7, The Best tool of Siggraph 2012 for filmmakers

CrazyTalk 7 from Reallusion is an innovative animation/facial expression/lip syncing program. To learn more about CrazyTalk 7, I interviewed  John Martin, VP Product Marketing, Reallusion after Reallusion guys on Siggraph floor should me a demo of Crazy Talk, and called ... Full story

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