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Adobe CS Master Collection 5.5, is all you need in your post house

I have been a film director for many years, mostly focused on documentary filmmaking, and my favorite aspect of filmmaking comes in the editing phase. There are more tools for editing a film now than ever before—you are not limited to just a Moviola. There are more technical editing tools, ... Full story

Living in the world of Toons by Toon Boom

Toon Boom Animation Inc. is the worldwide leader in digital content and animation creation software. Toon Boom carries user-friendly animation applications for all, catering to the needs of children, home users, creative professionals as well as students, educators and schools. As ... Full story

The hidden charm of XOOM, a tablet for film fans

My story with the Motorola XOOM tablet was like love-at-first-sight, and I don’t care if the XOOM is not the Twiggy of tablet world. It has a lot of charm to cover that little extra weight and thickness, and even ... Full story

Let "Flip Boom Draw" awaken the animator within you

Vying for new ways to unleash the artist within you? Whip out your iPad and try Flip Boom Draw. This unique iPad app allows for creating animation using just the tips of your fingers. Flip Boom Draw is a great ... Full story

DLP Cinema and future of theatrical film projection technology

DLP Cinema and DLP technology makes Texas Instrument a great player in Digital Film Projection in movie theaters. To have more information about this field, we had an interview with Dave Duncan, is the Manager for DLP Cinema® Products.  DLP® ... Full story

HP TouchSmart, a way to save the deskspace and be creative

HP is coming up with new TouchSmart desktop computer models, desk space saving systems for independent filmmakers that are working out of small studios. To learn more about TouchSmart computers, we interviewed HP’s Dipankar Bhargava. Dipankar Bhargava is a Product Marketing ... Full story

I have an IMAX Theater at home!

When I look back at my life, I see that I have spent a good part of it in movie theaters, staring spell bounded, at the silver screen.  I honestly did not like watching movies on TV, I hated it. ... Full story

New workstations that help film editors to maximizes their performance

To learn more about HP Workstations and what they offer to film editors, we had an interview with Travis Humphries is a product marketing manager for the HP Workstations Global Business Unit in Fort Collins, CO. Travis is responsible for ... Full story

Xpand 3D Makes High Quality Cinema Affordable, 3D Glasses at US$35.00

With over 50 3D movies expected to hit cinemas over the course of 2011, XPAND 3D, the global leader in active 3D technologies for home, cinema and education, today announced new, lower pricing for its award-winning cinema-grade X101 3D glasses.  ... Full story

Mitsubishi’s 73” Diamond Series HD 3DTV wins CWB's Seal of Excellence Award

Burbank, CA, February 14, 2011—Cinema Without Borders, an independent publication dedicated to Independent and International Cinema, has declared Mitsubishi’s 73” Diamond Series HD 3DTV as the most ideal High Definition 3D display for film fans. The 2011 iteration of the ... Full story

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