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Canon EOS 5D Mark 2 can do the job

Once upon a time, when every cinematographer was shooting on film stock, you had to make many choices. Every single element you were using, including the make and type of the film you were using, could give your work a specific look or quality. You could have a look ... Full story

Stereoscopic 3D for Everyone, Not Just Pros

John C. Martin II, VP of Product Marketing, leads Reallusion's award-winning CrazyTalk and iClone Studio. A founding member of Reallusion USA, John represents Reallusion's brands and the continued development of evermore accessible filmmaking technology. John's role as spokesperson for Reallusion ... Full story

Shooting a documentary with Olympus E-PL1, an interview with Larry Price

Olympus Visionary Larry C. Price is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, talked to Cinema Without Borders about using Olympus E-PL1 for shooting his documentaries. Larry is a long-time photojournalist and a photo editor at some of North America’s largest ... Full story

Siggraph 2010 Part 2 - The Production Sessions

The Production Sessions at Siggraph's 2010 Computer Animation Festival are always enlightening, entertaining and extremely educational. Besides panel discussions on the making of some of last season’s block busters like AVATAR, IRON MAN 2, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, HOW TO TRAIN ... Full story

Trevor Van Norman talks about HTC EVO 4G for Sprint

Since early July, we have been extensively testing the HTC EVO 4G for Sprint to check its performance as a media phone for film fans and filmmakers. We have been amazed by the power and capabilities of the HTC EVO ... Full story

Siggraph 2010: The people behind the pixel, Part 1

For five days at the end of July, LA's downtown Convention Center was entirely dedicated to pixels, those tiny technological wonders that enable us to enjoy movies, games, arts and entertainment. The people who create and manipulate those pixels were ... Full story

ATT U-verse review

To find out what cable or satellite provider offers the best all-around television experience, we will be reviewing the services of different cable and satellite companies offering services in the U.S. Among the first few TV, telephone, and internet bundle ... Full story

"SENSIO has played a major role in 3-D Live", Louis Rousseau

Louis Rousseau, Vice-President Marketing and Communications, brings 17 years of experience in the information and communication technology industry to SENSIO. Recognized for his corporate vision and his multidisciplinary approach, Mr. Rousseau has exercised a variety of roles in major ... Full story

"Hollywood is pushing the 3D contents for the home market", Frank DeMartin

Last week we had an opportunity to speak to Frank DeMartin about the role Mitsubishi is playing in the 3D Entertainment Home market. Frank is responsible for all product development and marketing for the MDEA consumer electronics group in the ... Full story

Watching 3D Movies at Home: John Oliver talks about the Concept of 3D

To continue our "Watching 3D Movies at Home" series of articles and interviews we sat down with John Oliver the CTO and Founder of Aspen Media Products, LLC, (www.aspenmediaproducts.com). John has over 15 years of experience leading teams to design, ... Full story

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