Editor In Chief: Bijan Tehrani

International Editor: James Ulmer

 Industry Consultant: Vera Mijojlic

Animation and TV Industry Consultant: Sarah Bailey

Animation and Visual Effects Editor : Peter Gend

Assistant Editor, News  & Review Editor : Daniel Wyatt Phillips

 Film Critic and Reporter: Mahasti Afshar

Film Critic: Ed Yealu

Film Financing Analyst: Vince Trankina

Event Editor: Maya Hooshivar

Cinema-TECH section Editor: Sam Tehrani

Cinema-TECH section Reviewer: Farhad Hooshivar

New York Editor: Tanja Meding

 Sound Review Editor: Gary Miraz

Music Review Editor: Derrick Wize

 German Office: J. Dermani

French Office: Massoud Zelli

Australia/Asia Pacific Representative: Matt Ferro

Iranian Cinema Reporter: Shirin Jahed

Czech Republic Office: Pavlina Koulova

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Scorpio Informatics

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