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A MAN CALLED OVE Interview With Director Hannes Holm

‘A Man Called Ove’, is directed and adapted by Swedish filmmaker Hannes Holm. Sourced from the New York Times Bestseller of the same name, the original story was written by Fredrik Backman. The film follows Ove, an isolated retiree who spends his days enforcing neighborhood rules and visiting his wife’s ... Full story

A Moment of Clarity In VR, James Kaelan Interview

“Presence in the experience is the thing that separates VR from cinema.” Choice words from writer, filmmaker, and all around revolutionary for the true independent model – James Kaelan, the director and co-writer for the Virtual Reality experience ‘The Visitor’. The ... Full story

HOW HE FELL IN LOVE Interview with director Marc Meyers

Not all stories have a bad guy. Not every relationship is lucky enough to have a clear antagonist to stand against and in ‘How He Fell In Love’ it confronts the audience with exactly that. It is within these tales ... Full story

CRISTINA by Michèle Ohayon at Palm Springs ShortFest, an interview

An intimate portrait of a friend who was diagnosed with cancer, CRISTINA is the latest documentary from Academy Award Nominated director Michèle Ohayon. Michele is based in Los Angeles with her company Kavana Entertainment, which is currently engaged with international ... Full story


In 1632, at the age of 6, Kristina Vasa became the first native, female sovereign of Sweden when her father died on the battlefield. Raised as a prince, Kristina grows up with ideas for modernizing Sweden and bringing an end ... Full story


A century ago, Nikola Tesla dreamed of sending free wireless energy from a mysterious tower and lab called Wardenclyffe. Deteriorating for decades, the remains of his great work were almost lost forever. Until a grateful world united to save it. ... Full story

INTERRUPTION by Adam Suzin wins CWB's Special Jury Award at Polish Film Festival LA

Polish short film INTERRUPTION shows when confronted to the hard situations in life, everyone tends to react differently. How we take it often depends on our physical endurance and our baggage of experiences. The film tells the story of a ... Full story


From the 1970s thru the 1990s, there was no hipper, no more outrageous comedy in print than The National Lampoon, the groundbreaking humor magazine that pushed the limits of taste and acceptability - and then pushed them even harder.  Parodying ... Full story

Anthony Lucero talks about EAST SIDE SUSHI

In EAST SIDE SUSHI  we witness that years of working in the food industry have made Juana's hands fast-very fast. She can slice and dice anything you throw at her with great speed and precision. When Juana gives up her ... Full story


In Jean-Jacques Annaud's film adaptation of Jiang Rong's best-selling novel, a young Beijing student is sent to live among the nomadic herdsmen of Inner Mongolia. Caught between the advance of civilization from the south and the nomads’ traditional enemies – ... Full story

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