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A conversation with Cintia Chamecki, director of HERE WE ARE

Searching for her own identity as a cosmopolitan (Jew), documentary filmmaker Cintia Chamecki tells the story of her grandparents and their arduous journey from their Eastern European shtetl to South America to their final destination: Curitiba, Brazil.The film recalls how Curitiba's first immigrants arrived well before World War II and ... Full story

Alberto Di Mauro talks about 2013 Cinema Italian Style

Cinema Italian Style 2013 opens November 14th at the Egyptian theatre with the U.S. premiere of Paolo Sorrentino’s THE GREAT BEAUTY, Italy's entry for Best Foreign Language Film for the 2013 Academy Awards®. Sorrentino will be joined on the red ... Full story

A Cinema of Discontent, story of current Iranian cinema told by Jamsheed Akrami

A Cinema of Discontent: Film Censorship in Iran, the latest film from Jamsheed Akrami, an Iranian/American filmmaker, deals with problems of filmmaking and censorship in Iran. Last week, we had the opportunity of speaking to Jamsheed Akrami about his film ... Full story

AGLAYA at Hungarian Film Festival, LA

Aglaya, the Hungarian film was adapted by, Director Krisztina Deák  from Aglaja Veteranyi’s novel "Why the Child is Cooking in the Polenta". The film centers on a very young girl who grows up in a family of circus artists from ... Full story

An interview with Jehane Noujaim director of THE SQUARE

THE SQUARE captures the immediacy and intensity of the revolution from the nexus of Cairo's Tahrir Square, catapulting us into the action from the 2011 overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, through military rule, and culminating with the ousting of Mohamed Morsi ... Full story


DISLECKSIA: THE MOVIE is an engaging documentary that weaves vintage classroom footage, celebrity interviews and the comedic touch of dyslexic director Harvey Hubbell V into an engrossingly entertaining film on a serious subject. In the first film to discuss dyslexia ... Full story

Imagine, by Andrzej Jakimowski at 2013 Polish Film Festival, LA

Imagine, directed by Andrzej Jakimowski will be screened on October 12 and 13 during Polish Film Festival, Los Angeles Ian, a spatial orientation instructor, arrives at a world-renowned Lisbon clinic for the visually impaired to work with blind patients. It is ... Full story

Ryszard Bugajsk' The Closed Circuit, participating at Polish Film Festival, LA

Inspired by real events, The Closed Circuit, directed by Ryszard Bugajski is a compelling, strongly performed political thriller about greed and corruption in contemporary Gdansk, Poland, where some high-flying new entrepreneurs fall victim to the machinations of the city’s entrenched ... Full story

Haifaa Al Mansour talks about Wadjda

WADJDA is a movie of firsts. This first feature film shot entirely in Saudi Arabia is the story of a young girl living in a suburb of Riyadh determined to raise enough money to buy a bike in a society ... Full story

Emanuele Crialese talks about TERRAFERMA

Terraferma happens on a tiny, remote Sicilian island, where a local woman and an immigrant find themselves at odds with each other and yet are united by the same dream: a better future for their children, their very own Terraferma. Terraferma ... Full story

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