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Hallyu Doing, South Korean Cinema

Since the turn of the new millennium South Korean Cinema has been on the rise. The Korean Wave (or “Hallyu”) has swept through Asia, and is slowly washing upon the shores here in the west. The Korean film industry has previously been overshadowed by the neighboring Cinema’s of Hong Kong ... Full story

A Prophet Has Died

Jean Luc Godard the French cineaste abandoned commercial filmmaking, in pure Godardian terms to become an active participant in formulating a direct passage between the essence of art and its reactionary functions- to create a base for political cinema. In ... Full story

Gulabi Talkies

Gulabi is no pin-up model, yet her smile still lingers in my memory even after the movie and the Osian film festival long ended. She seemed so rooted in the ethos of her culture that almost all her gestures in ... Full story

Waiting for Godot

We often went to the movies. The screen lit up and we trembled…But more often than not Madeleine and I were disappointed. The pictures were dated, they flickered. And Marilyn Monroe had aged terribly. It made us sad. This wasn’t ... Full story


Ram Gopal Verma had a fascination for the bullies of his class; their ideology to terrorize, control (by use of force and power) and have an arsenal of followers- has remained an important part of his oeuvre. The way his ... Full story

A few notes for your thoughts? An industry artist shares his life

From time to time Cinema Without Borders has dealt with the music side of the film industry. Composer and visual artist Gary Miraz regularly contributes articles, which deal not only with his wealth of knowledge on film matters but with ... Full story

Laura Soloff talks about Filmmaking Program of the Art Institute of California, Los Angeles

Laura Soloff has more than 25 years of experience in career-focused education and human resources management. She earned her Bachelor’s degree at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She is actively involved in educational and community initiatives ... Full story

Sydney Pollack, a tribute

His films were loved by audiences, and his personality was admired and respected by his peers, Sydney Pollack was an innovative director, actor, and producer who will not be soon forgotten. The legendary director passed away on May 26, 2008 ... Full story

Trios, Trials and Taxis: Tribeca to a T

New York, NY -- With Tribeca now in full swing, I have blissfully ignored the tedious details of my daily life – the incessant tracking of Obama websites, the weekly hoarding of Arborio rice from my local Gristedes -- in ... Full story


New York, NY -- With the Democratic candidates busy beating themselves up, the U.S. economy beating itself down and the price of a night on the town equivalent to a week on the job, New Yorkers have good reason to ... Full story

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