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Self-criticism of a bourgeois dog (A review)

I admit, it was the title, that caught my eye. Based on the shot featured in this article (the one in the art gallery), I’ve prepared myself for German communist Wes Anderson. I guess it wasn’t a mistake, since pretty much nothing can prepare you on the Self-criticism of a ... Full story


Danny Perez's mind-bending, underground tinged film "Antibirth". has been racking up the notices from all the big festivals and garnering rave reviews from the critics and audiences. Consisting of a stellar star cast led by Natasha Lyonne (Orange is the ... Full story


‘The Lovers And The Despot’ tells the tale of a South Korean Actress, Choi Eun-hee, and director, Shin Sang-ok, who were captured by North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un in the 70’s. Both were held captive with the intention of ... Full story

A Man Called Ove Review

Enough can’t be said about how wonderful this movie will make you feel. Divine waves of ambivalence roll over the mind from scene to scene. Dipping from emotional highs to the unfathomable lows, with a clear persistent reminder of the ... Full story

A Drink From An Oasis In A Cultural Desert, 'Parched' Film Review

Something’s funny here, but it’s not the chauvinism—despite the routine dirty jokes made throughout, ‘Parched’ director Leena Yadav gives insight into rural Indian society by creating a dark satire of the gender divide still present in those communities. With a ... Full story


There is nothing like being there. When one see’s first-hand the battle waged by others it invokes the saving grace of mankind, empathy. This principal applies especially when looking into marginalized communities found in the heart of first world countries. ... Full story

Alex Gibney’s ZERO DAYS Review

At times, ZERO DAYS sets a dystopian and anxiety-ridden tone. Accompanied by a panic-inducing soundtrack, the dark subject matter can be overpowering. Though this documentary may be psychologically trying to sit through, ZERO DAYS dredges up necessary issues at the ... Full story

A Fight For Change Outside Of The Law, ‘Almost Holy’ Review

A powerful depiction of social movement bordering on vigilantism, ‘Almost Holy,’ directed by Steve Hoover, shines a light on Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko and his extreme ministries to combat problems plaguing the heart of Ukraine. These ministries include: kidnaping drug addled ... Full story

The Quest for Authenticity in Post-Existential Age. Review of Joachim Trier’s Louder than bombs

In his new film Louder than bombs Norwegian director Joachim Trier masterfully captures the underlying, aimless desires of very decent people who struggle to be authentic in their own lives.  Written by Trier and Eskil Vogt, the film is structured ... Full story

My Golden Days Review

‘My Golden Days’ tells the story of anthropologist Paul Dedalus, played by Mathieu Amalric, as he flashes back to his youth growing up in France. This film is a follow-up to director Arnaud Desplechin’s 1997 film, ‘My Sex Life… or ... Full story

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