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Dark Star- HR Giger's World

Belinda Sallin’s "Dark Star- HR Giger's World" is an elegiac, intimate documentary about the gentle giant futurist with the macabre sensibility who, among other things, was responsible for the monstrous visuals in "Alien".Giger was apparently haunted since childhood, able to channel through his art the deep unconscious fears that lurk ... Full story

Hector and the Search for Happiness

Peter Chelsom's dramedy "Hector and the Search for Happiness" joins the short list of life- changes films: 'Eat, Pray, Love", "The Bucket List", "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty".Privileged bourgeois adults, who've missed their Junior Year Abroad, take a mid ... Full story

Warsaw Uprising A MUST SEE

Jan Komasa, and his team, have taken six hours of original newsreel footage from the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, shot by volunteer cameraman from the Polish Home Army's Bureau of Information and Propaganda and created a masterful journey through time.  ... Full story

The Brothers Size

McCraney's startling trilogy "The Brother/Sister Plays', a poetic gumbo of African American tropes, susurrate idioms and Yoruba storytelling, makes a bid to seat McCraney in the chair left vacant when August Wilson died, as the pre-eminent playwright addressing African American ... Full story

The Last Of Robin Hood

Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland ("Quinceanera") make the most of a small budget in their fascinating "The Last Of Robin Hood". Their Technicolor-bright film is varnished in Hollywood glamor of the 50's, and indeed, in its reluctance to titillate, it ... Full story

THE CONGRESS, a film by Ari Folman

There are enough ideas in Ari Folman’s brilliant "The Congress" to fuel two films.The film is based in part on Polish Sci-Fi author Stanisław Lems "The Futurological Congress". In Lem's 1971 book Ijon Tichy, attending said Congress at the HIlton ... Full story

A Coffee in Berlin

Jan Ole Gerster's debut feature, "A Coffee in Berlin" (originally titled "Oh Boy") is another unbe-coming of age flic.   Gerster’s thesis project for the German Film and Television Academy, swept the 2013 German Film Awards (unusual for a modest black ... Full story

Roger Ebert: "Life Itself"

Documentarian Steve James ("Hoop Dreams," "The Interrupters") was championed by Roger Ebert. He collaborated with Ebert and wife Chaz to tell the story of his incredible life. It's a truthful and unflinching as Ebert's memoir of the same name.Ebert, who ... Full story

George Kuchar’s Weather Diary 1

Los Angeles Filmforum is thrilled to present the feature-length first entry in George Kuchar’s monumental Weather Diary series, which eventually spanned six parts and a slew of related supplementary works.  Like much of Kuchar’s diaristic work, Weather Diary 1 is ... Full story

On My Way

French actress/director Emmanuelle Bercot's lazy day road movie features the glorious Catherine Deneuve as Bettie, a 60-something one-time Miss Brittany taking a runner behind the wheel as a temporary escape from her small town life and family tangles.Bercot and co-writer ... Full story

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