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In The House

Prolific director Francois Ozon won't be pinned down by genre. Just consider: a whodunit musical "8 Women", a paean to parenthood "Ricky", the steamy 'Swimming Pool" and the gentle feminist "Potiche". His latest, "In The House" based on a play by Juan Mayorga, plays with the ideas of the voyeurism ... Full story

Bert Stern: Original Madman

If all Bert Stern had done was direct "Jazz On A Summers Day", the best Jazz film ever shot, he would have made his mark, but the private Mr. Stern, who's had the camera turned on him for a change, ... Full story

Violeta Went To Heaven

Violeta Went To Heaven", Chile's official 2012 Oscar Entry, delves into the psychological process of the artist who rediscovered Chile's folk arts. Based on a book by her son, Angel Parra, Wood's atmospheric film is an intimate portrait of the ... Full story

My Brother The Devil

Brit Sally El Hosaini’s first feature “My Brother the Devil” mixes, class, race and gender issues in it's dark coming-of age story set in the disadvantaged council estates in the Hackney area of London.Good student Mo (Fady Elsayed) lives with ... Full story

Robert Redford's political thriller "The Company You Keep"

Robert Redford's political thriller "The Company You Keep" relies on interesting 60's characters and smart escape sequences (no special effects) to entertain.A smart script by Lem Dobbs ('The Score", "Kafka"), based on Neil Gordon's novel, fills the story with aging ... Full story

Rodney Ascher’s Room 237

“...and I couldn’t understand why I was so attracted to watching a film that I actually didn’t like.” When Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining came out in 1980, audiences and critics hated it. Stephen King, whose book it was based on, ... Full story


Ramin Niami's loving tribute to local legendary club owner "Mama" (Laura Mae Gross). "BABE’S & RICKY’S INN" has been opened at the Laemmle's Monica on April 5.Moving to Los Angles in 1944,Laura Mae Gross worked at a carwash and for ... Full story

Eddie The Sleepwalking Cannibal

Boris Rodriguez's comic horror-film "Eddie The Sleepwalking Cannibal is a cross between "Art School Confidential", "A Bucket Of Blood" and "Little Shop Of Horror". Black comedy all the way. It's the second smart comic horror film this year. (The first was ... Full story

No Place On Earth

Frontline producer and NSNBC Executive producer Janet Tobias's "No Place On Earth" is a suspenseful Holocaust picture.Just when you think you know everything about the Holocaust, spelunker Chris Nicola unearths evidence of a life affirming story.In 1993, while exploring Priest's ... Full story

Ana Piterbarg's "Everybody has A Plan"

TV Director Ana Piterbarg's "Everybody has A Plan" (Todos tenemos un plan) is the Argentine "A Stolen Life".  The 1946 twin-plotted psychological thriller was so successful for Bette Davis she remade it as the wonderful "Dead Ringer" (1964), and it ... Full story

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