The 5 Year Engagement

June 27th, 2012 by alandunn | Print

Jason Segel and Emily Blunt star as a couple madly in love,
but whose pending nuptials are increasingly pushed back as life and careers set
out to test their union.

The 5 Year Engagement is not your average rom com, it’s darker
and grittier in places than it should be, and though this may add depth, it
also skims off some of the charm and fun. It still has a healthy sprinkling of
gross out humour and silliness, but its troubling middle section really
challenges us in rooting for a happy outcome. I enjoyed this film in portions,
though if I had a big pair of magic scissors I would have trimmed large
sections. There’s a good 90 minute rom com with depth in there, it just gets a
little murky in the 2 hour running time.

There are moments that had me in stitches though, Emily
Blunt’s cookie monster impression being one of them. And chances are I will
watch Jason Segel in anything because I like him in How I Met Your Mother and I
find his boyish man child persona endearing. The last twenty minutes really
make this film a watcher, but be warned it does get a little f*cked up in


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