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All God's Children, Moldova's First Oscar Entry

Adrian Popovici's human trafficking drama is Moldova's first Foreign Oscar submission.  The bilingual film, mostly in Romanian (Moldova and Romania have a common language) and English, is a melodramatic look at human trafficking of women and children for sexual purposes.The screenplay by Valeriu Turcanu and Pascal Ilie Virgil centers on ... Full story

Review: Two Lives, Germany's Oscar Entry

Documentary filmmaker Georg Maas ("The Buddha Wallah", "The Real World of Peter Gabriel") spent years developing his engrossing layered story about the after effects of World War ll on a generation of children, born of Norwegian mothers and Occupying Nazi ... Full story

Review: “In Bloom", Georgia's Official Foreign Oscar submission

I was shocked and disappointed that Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Groß's “In Bloom", Georgia's Official Foreign Oscar submission, didn't get shortlisted.Happily, the film, which premiered at Berlin, won the Grand Prize at the 15th Tokyo Filmex, Best Film and Best ... Full story

Review: "The Porcelain Horse", Ecuador's official Foreign Oscar submission

First time feature director Javier Andrade's "The Porcelain Horse", Ecuador's official Foreign Oscar submission, is an assured piece of work. The edgy family tragedy, laced with punky satire, is set in Andrade's hometown Portoviejo, a coastal port of 100,000 inhabitants ... Full story

Review: "The Rocket", Australia's foreign Oscar submission

Australian actor turned director Kim Mordaunt's "The Rocket", Australia's foreign Oscar submission, is both a realistic view of rural Laos and a fairy tale of redemption. It's a narrative feature debut for Mordaunt, whose award-winning documentary Bomb Harvest" followed a ... Full story

Review: "Childs Pose" Romania's official Oscar submission

The winner of Berlin's GOLDEN BEAR Award, "Childs Pose" is Romania's official Oscar submission. Călin Peter Netzer's dark tragicomedy "Childs Pose" is a study in casebook study of toxic mother-son relationships. Domineering mom Cornelia-Luminita Gheorghiu ("4 Months, 3 Weeks and ... Full story

I Am Yours, Norway's official Oscar submission

First-time director Iraq Ham's "I Am Yours, Norway's official Oscar submission, is a subdued, unvarnished portrait of a young mother unready for her responsibilities. Loose cannon Mina is both seductive and hard to watch, a casebook study of bad decisions. ... Full story

THE GOOD ROAD, India’s Oscar Entry

THE GOOD ROAD , directed by Gyan Arora, is India’s Oscar Entry for the Best Foreign Language Award Film.  THE GOOD ROAD deals with three storylines which cross each other on the film's titular highway.Pappu is a truck driver. Supporting ... Full story

Halima’s Path, Croatia’s Oscar Entry

Halima’s Path, Croatia’s Oscar Entry, directed by Arsen Anton Ostojic  tells the tragic but inspiring story of a grieving, but strong-willed Muslim woman Halima who tries, without success, to find the remains of her son who was killed in the ... Full story

15 Years + 1 Day, Spain’s Oscar Entry

15 Years + 1 Day, directed by Gracia Querejeta is Spain’s Oscar Entry for the Best Foreign Language Film Award. Margo (Maribel Verdú, Belle Époque, Y tu mamá también) is struggling to deal with her son, Jon (Arón Piper) a rebellious ... Full story

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