CWB announces the nominees for the Bridging The Borders Award


Palm Springs – January 16, 2008: Today, Cinema Without Borders has announced the five nominees for its Bridging The Borders Award. The Bridging The Borders Award at the 2009 Palm Springs International Film Festival will be given to the most successful film in bringing the people of our world closer together.

Richard Bluth, a documentary filmmaker and president of Bluth Enterprises of Burbank, led the film selection committee of CWB for the Bridging The Borders Award.
“This is has been an amazing year for international cinema and our job wasn’t easy. We watched over forty-five films to find our five nominees. Almost all of those films were very interesting, powerful and full of fresh ideas and new ways of filmmaking. We needed them to fulfill specific criteria to be considered for the Bridging the Borders Award, and it was definitely tough to choose just five and leave the rest out.” Said Bluth.

The five nominees for the Cinema Without Borders Bridging The Borders Award are, Ciao Bella (Sweden), My Marlon and Brando (Turkey), Wild Field (Russia), The Class (France) and Waltz With Bashir (Israel).
The Bridging The Borders Award winning film will be announced on Sunday, January 18th, at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Ciao Bella
When Iranian-born Swede Mustafa is transformed into Latin lover Massimo, his suave manners and sense of style attract working-class beauty Linnea. This sassily humorous love story manages to address serious issues, including national stereotyping, racism, and an increasingly sexualized youth environment.
DIRECTOR: Mani Maserrat-Agha
Producer: Olle Wirenhed
Editor: Kristin Grundström
Screenwriter: Jens Jonsson
Cinematographer: Andréas Lennartsson
Music: Martin Willert

My Marlon and Brando
The true-life border-crossing romance between a Turkish actress and her Kurdish lover gets a semi-fictional work-up with the real actress earning kudos for taking on her own role. A moving statement on war, human rights and the confining artificiality of borders. Best New Narrative, Tribeca; FIPRESCI Award, Jerusalem; Best Actress, Istanbul, Sarajevo, Andana.
DIRECTOR: Hüseyin Karabey
Producer: Lucinda Englehart, Hüseyin Karabey, Sophie Lorant
Editor: Mary Stephen
Screenwriter: Hüseyin Karabey, Ayça Damgaci
Cinematographer: A. Emre Tanyildiz
Music: Kemal S. Gurel, Hüseyin Yildiz, Erdal Guney
Principal Cast: Ayça Damgaci, Hama Ali Khan, Cengiz Bozkurt, Savas Emrah Özdemir

Wild Field
A jewel of magic realism, Wild Field focuses on a young doctor living on the timeless Kazakh plain, treating stab and gunshot wounds, heart attacks, and the occasional dying cow. Art Cinema Award, Venice Film Festival; Best Screenplay, Best Score, Special Critics’ Award, Kinotavr.
DIRECTOR: Mikhail Kalatozishvili
Producer: Mikhail Kalatozishvili, Sergey Snezhkin, Andrei Bondarenko, Sergey Melkumov
Screenwriter: Pyotr Lutsik, Aleksei Samoriadov
Cinematographer: Peter Dukhovsky
Music: Alexei Aigi
Principal Cast: Oleg Dolin, Daniela Stoyanovich, Yuri Stepanov, Roamn Madianov

The Class
Using digital video and a small crew, director Laurent Cantet creates an intimate, unflinching portrayal of a racially mixed classroom in a Parisian neighborhood over the course of a school year. The film’s lead is played by the teacher who wrote the book on which the film is based. This captivating film won Cannes’ Palme d’Or.
DIRECTOR: Laurent Cantet
Producer: Carole Scotta, Caroline Benjo, Barbara Letellier, Simon Arnal
Editor: Robin Campillo, Stéphanie Léger
Screenwriter: Laurent Cantet, François Bégaudeau, Robin Campillo
Cinematographer: Pierre Milon, Catherine Pujol, George Lazarevski
Principal Cast: François Bégaudeau, Nassim Amrabt, Laura Baquela, Cherif Bounaïdja Rachedi, Juliette

Waltz with Bashir
A film about memory and responsibility that uses powerful animation to recreate the hallucinogenic qualities of recollection, this unique documentary shows how Lebanon is part of the Israeli psyche, its shadow, its other place. Winner of six Israeli Academy Awards, including Best Film, Best Screenplay, and Best Director.
DIRECTOR: Ari Folman
Producer: Ari Folman, Yael Nahlieli, Serge Lalou, Gerhard Meixner, Roman Paul
Editor: Nili Feller
Screenwriter: Ari Folman
Cinematographer: Yoni Goodman
Music: Max Richter
Principal Cast: Voices: Ron Ben-Yishai, Ronny Dayag, Ari Folman, Dror Harazi, Yehezkel Lazarov

* Bluth Enterprises Inc. a production and post house dedicated to independent and international filmmaking services, is the sponsor for the Cinema Without Borders, Bridging The Borders Award.


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