The Wedding Video Takes An American Tradition To The Zaniest Level

If you think you’ve already been witness to the most dysfunctional wedding of your life, think again. THE WEDDING VIDEO, a new independent film by Runaway Productions, tops it all. Directed by Todd Wade and starring Christine Blackburn, Alan Wasserman, Jeff Kueppers, Chris Penzell (who also wrote the film), soap opera veteran Michael Swan (As The World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful) and ‘80’s TV superstar Erin Gray (Buck Rogers), this movie takes everything we love to hate about the All-American Wedding and kicks it up to the zaniest level imaginable. THE WEDDING VIDEO premiered at The Art Theater in Long Beach, CA on June 1st, and is in the works for limited release in Spring 2008.

Alan Wasserman is Virgil S. Crumb, a frighteningly ambitious and self-proclaimed “genius filmmaker” whose sole creative outlet is to produce videos for weddings. Clad in vintage director’s attire, his approach to making every video a “masterpiece” is by granting himself “full access” to his clients–that is, intruding into every second of the process, from proposal to honeymoon, holding candid interviews with the bride, groom and everyone else involved, and splicing it all together into one scary documentary. His efforts are thwarted when his latest altar-bound subjects, Chris Cole (Kueppers), a wimpy schoolteacher with odd quirks, and Kristen Dillon (Blackburn), a ballsy sports reporter, call off their nuptials on their wedding day after compromising footage of the Bachelor Party surfaces and lands right into the bride’s hands.

Infuriated by their breakup and determined to finish his film, Virgil takes matters into his own hands by kidnapping Chris and Kristen and holding them hostage in a dark warehouse. There Virgil is mysteriously simulcast on a monitor and forces them to watch everything he documented on video until they reconcile, hoping the footage will rekindle their love. When the plan fails after the couple becomes fed up and escapes, they encounter even more mayhem from Virgil and his accomplices, but reach a crossroads when they receive the biggest insult.

What makes this film fun is its way out silliness, right down to the video accounts of the craziest marriage proposals I have ever seen. Although some of the comedic scenes are performed bigger than necessary, they still work to their advantage. The wedding footage makes up the majority of the film, so it might be likely that one may lose sight of the actual plot. Instead of trying to find more of a flow to this film, one must “find the funny” by just sitting back and enjoying each scene as it is.

The ensemble cast brings to life a family that makes you thankful they are not related to you. Alan Wasserman succeeds as the annoying and intrusive videographer, while Blackburn and Kueppers are deliberately biting as the bride and groom. Award winning writer Chris Penzell not only does a commendable job at penning the screenplay but steals quite a few scenes as Kevin, brother of the bride, along with Erin Campbell as Cinnamon, the foul-mouthed, half goth/ half thug bridesmaid. Erin Gray is smooth as Carol Dillon, the sophisticated and controlling Mother of the Bride.
Be forewarned, THE WEDDING VIDEO is a wild movie with an equally wild concept. It has the potential to be even wilder, and I’d love to see that in the sequel, which is rumored to be in the works. It is strictly for those in appreciation of wacky humor, and who love to laugh simply for the joy of it. For everyone else, it is a subtle reminder that weddings, as loving as they are supposed to be, are indeed something to laugh about. And be careful who you hire.

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