Author: Dora Domingo

Dora Domingos was born and raised in Beja, a small town in the most desert region of Portugal. A painter, musician, screenwriter, music and film analyst, works as freelance photographer while studying at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Lisbon, Portugal. Aspiring filmmaker, she is now also working in a stage play project as an actress and compiling children short stories from all around the world in order to translate and illustrate, hoping to be able to contribute for a higher stage of ethical awareness in present and future generations concerning the impact of globalization. Supporter of Amnesty International and Portuguese Animal Rights League.

“Death should not be hard to those who have their hearts at ease. It does not matter if there is nothing beyond this life. At least, to die is to forget. Do not miss life; do not, even if reason tells you that you could have been happy if you hadn’t met me on the path where I have led you to your death…”(Simão, in Doomed Love, by Camilo Castelo Branco) After the successful The Miracle According to Salomé, one of the films that established the awakening of a new era in the Portuguese filmmaking, it’s time for Mário Barroso…

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