Author: Kiana Hashemi

Kiana Hashemi Graduated from the Dramatic Arts University of Tehran in Cinema, specializing in editing. Was a film editor in House of Culture. Wrote film reviews for the “Film” magazine. Wrote articles for “Etemad” newspaper. Was executive director of “Hamguh”, advertising and film making Co. Has been a freelance film editor and director for independent projects after immigrating to the United State.

“A Hero” is the apex of Farhadi’s cinematic development. This Film exemplifies all the characteristics of Fahrad’s style and it’s the perfect example to comprehend his Cinema. While viewing “A Hero” it feels that we are witnessing everyday life events without any middlemen. Although all filmmaking elements have been arranged in detail, they are hidden from our perception. The narrative appears to be simple, however, there are numerous layers and nuances that are difficult to perceive. Every time we view this film, a new aspect of the film is discovered. The characters appear as ordinary people who are neither bad…

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